Full Service Video Production & Postproduction

We shoot video. We edit video. We tell stories.


We do everything video production & postproduction.


We work directly with brands and businesses or with their marketing / advertising / creative agencies to create content marketing videos.

From developing a concept to shooting, editing, and motion graphics, we specialize in high production value for small to mid video marketing budgets.

We're located in Baltimore, Maryland. Give us a shout--we'd love to help you tell your story.


The Social Set

Logo design by Rick Knight

Logo design by Rick Knight


One Day. One Set.
Multiple Content Producers.
Shared Expense.

Think of it as a Co-Op of Video Production.

The cost of production is driven mainly by equipment offered and the time it takes to properly setup the shoot. You want that quality (rightly so), but let's face it: all that expense doesn't always make sense for a quick social marketing video.

This is where The-Social-Set comes in. There is a disconnect between the time you actually need to shoot and the work the production company must do to get you a professional product. The cost for you to get that done, whether your shoot needs 10 hours or 2 hours, is pretty much the same. And that stinks. So why not use the 1-2 hours needed to shoot your social marketing video and then let someone else, or multiple someone elses, use the other hours -- and then each of you share the expense of the production.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is The-Social-Set.


Testimonials & Blurbs

Rhett is an absolute professional, who is very enjoyable to work with, and he delivered far more than I expected. His direction, advice, and technical knowledge enabled us to tell what can sometimes be a complicated story in a clear and compelling manner. He was involved throughout the whole process and took tremendous ownership of the success of our videos and it definitely showed in the quality of his work. We are thrilled with the 4 videos he created for us and have already used them to promote and educate the public about our important programs and services.
— Kelly Hodge-Williams, Executive Director / Business Volunteers Maryland

-- Dan Schrider, President & CEO / Sandy Spring Bank

Rhett’s ability to take my vision - what’s in my head about what the video should look like, the message and learnings to be communicated - and make it a reality with creative editing, has taken this project to a much higher level and is resulting in a continuing series of videos that are engaging and informative learning tools.
— Ben Griffin, Founder / CEOIQ / CEO Coach
When Rhett and I had lunch to talk about the video concept, I was surprised by how much he wanted to talk about me personally — how I came to be a stylist and what led to me opening a hair salon. I was expecting Rhett to produce a video that showcased the salon. Rhett said he wanted to do that, but that he also wanted to tell my story. He asked me to trust him and I’m glad I did. Everyone at Brocatos had so much fun shooting the video and we were so touched by Rhett’s concept — and it’s amazing how many of our clients mention that they watched and loved the video.
— Ellen Brocato, Owner / Brocatos Studio of Hair Design

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