For Company logos and other graphics to be used in your video

Getting us a proper graphic logo file to use in your video is an extremely important part of the editing process. To help us make you and your company look its best, please send us a file with the following specs:

  • File type: .png
  • Size: 2400 pixels on the longest edge
  • include an alpha channel with transparent background
  • Send to: rhett@redwhoosh.com  OR  ask us to setup a Dropbox folder for you.


Once we finish your video, we'll upload the final file to our Vimeo Pro account (don't worry, we always set the permissions to allow only you to see and play the video). Here's what you need to do to download your video:

Click on the link we sent to you.

Vimeo may ask for a password. Enter the one we sent to you.

You should now see one of two player types (depending on how we're sharing your video with you) that look like one of these:

See that orange arrow pointing to the "Download" button on the images above? Click that and you'll see one of these windows:

Vimeo, by default, creates 3 files from the original file that we upload. These three files are optimized by Vimeo for streaming. These are labelled: "Mobile SD," "SD," and "HD 720p." Obviously, the files are optimized for Mobile/Smartphone playback, Standard Definition playback, and High Definition playback.

You are free to download any of these files for your use.

The 4th file, labelled "Original," is our original file.

Note the size of our Original file and the Vimeo HD file in the example below.

Our file is 123 MB and the Vimeo file is 38 MB. If you want the highest quality HD, download our Original .MOV or .MP4 file (see important note below). If your preference is a smaller file with excellent HD quality, download the HD 720p file.

IMPORTANT NOTE: you must be logged in to a Vimeo account to see the Original file. If you are not logged in, you will only see the other three files. Getting a Vimeo account is free and easy. Just go to vimeo.com.